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Your success is our single purpose.

NorMedix was created with one purpose in mind—to provide the highest level of medical device design and development services from start to finish, all with a single point of contact. While some companies might specialize in one process or another, NorMedix manages the entire process and provides the team of experts your project needs. With an unmatched track-record of handling high-profile, complex medical device projects and keeping it lean, NorMedix is the choice for delivering outstanding results.

Gregg Sutton
Gregg Sutton, President & CEO

Gregg is a veteran medical device designer and developer with over 25 years of engineering experience in the medical device industry. He co-founded and held executive positions at several highly successful early-stage development device companies, including Atritech, Angioguard, Vascular Solutions, and Navarre Biomedical, leading teams in development and launch of high-profile, first-of-their-kind devices. With a degree in mechanical engineering and over 40  patents granted or pending, Gregg has substantial experience in all aspects of medical device development, including intellectual property, design, product development, and manufacturing.

Jeff Welch
Jeff Welch, Vice President, Research and Development

Jeff Welch is an experienced design engineer with a track record of developing and launching successful medical devices. Jeff brings over 19 years medical device design and manufacturing leadership experience from companies such as Boston Scientific, Angioguard, Atritech, and Vascular Solutions. Jeff has led project teams in developing over a dozen commercially marketed disposable and implantable devices. Jeff has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is an inventor on 15 issued or pending patents.